“Annelies has been a godsend… I now better understand how the social media world works and how to present my brand.”


You’ve discovered my amazing new Personal Brand Power course. I’ve taken all the knowledge from my workshops, coaching and one-to-one sessions and put them all in one place – right here!

Each of us has a Personal Brand – whether we like it or not! Our brand is a result of the stories we tell, the content we share and the way we present ourselves online. This course will teach you everything you need to create a powerful and authentic online presence.

Using different tools, I’ll help you uncover your core values and find ways to present yourself consistently to a growing, engaged audience.

Do you feel you’re not sure who you are or what you’re doing?

Do you feel you attract the wrong people into your life?

Do you feel people judge and assess you wrongly?

What You'll Get From This Course

How to build valuable relationships in real life and online

Open up new opportunities in business and life

Develop confidence in your brand – and yourself

Effective Social Media planning, content and engagement skills

Define and strengthen the true, meaningful values you live your life by

Advance your career by building trust with peers and your community

Understand how your life events can be shared to help others

Using video, photography and images to further your reach online

Transition your career into a new field without losing reputation

Become a contributor of ideas and solutions

Create and use brand designs to increase recognition

Identify the networking and business events that are right for you

Common Questions About This Course

In this course, I focus on the importance of consistency. By scheduling in just a few minutes each day to deliver the right content and messages, you can make create an engaged community who are eager to hear and learn from what you have to say.

This course will teach you what the right content and messages are for you, as well as giving you the tools to use your time efficiently to build your Personal Brand.

Remember, Personal Brand is not about being everywhere all the time. However, the results can make it seem as though you are!

Firstly, a quick look back at the last five, ten or a hundred years will tell you that no career is 100% safe!

Secondly, whether you’re self-employed or working for others, spending time developing a powerful Personal Brand makes new opportunities available, whether they are work-related or life’s simple pleasures. That could be new job opportunities in the field of your choosing, or being invited to speak on a topic you are known to be passionate about.

Absolutely not – though your boss might tell you otherwise!

Just like beliefs and experiences, our personal values are unique to us. We’ll never be a carbon-copy of the company’s brand values, but we can develop a Personal Brand that helps us discover exciting new ideas that further company’s interests and gets people to notice the work we’re contributing.

Don’t forget, you were hired for your skills, talents and abilities and it was your values – not your employer’s – that got you this far.

If your only goal is to create a social media following to get sent free stuff, this isn’t the course for you!

The goal of the Personal Brand Power course is to help you discover the values that drive your life forward and accept the responsibility of creating meaningful relationships with others in your community. This starts a chain of new opportunities, both inside and outside the workplace.

These opportunities could take many different forms – I’ve been able to meet incredible people that I admire and respect, attend and host fantastic events, and try products that have been of benefit to myself and home. However, these opportunities are always a result of creating meaningful, lasting relationships with others.

This Course Will Also Help You To:

  • Boost your social media presence.
  • Learn how to create effective, engaging social media content from your personal profiles.
  • Understand your audience, the types of content they value and where to find them.
  • Uncover your own experiences, values and knowledge and build stories that can help others.

Discover your true meaning and create opportunities for yourself and your business today!

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