Uncover Your True Values

Hello! You’ve discovered my Personal Brand Values Meditation.

This short recording is designed to help you find the calm within and start discovering your true values. It’s a perfect place to start if you’re new to Personal Branding.

Originally, I created this meditation for myself as a way to tune into my own thoughts and feelings and discover the values that were driving me forward in my life – both professionally and personally. I wanted something that would bring my focus back to myself, to remind me who I am.

Now I share it with others like you, who find themselves on the same journey to discovering their true – often hidden – values.

So please, download and try it for yourself. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Why Use This Meditaton?

Meditation is an incredibly powerful too that helps tune out of the noise and uncertainty, freeing you to tune into yourself.

We often discover that we’ve been shaped. Shaped by our environment, our job, our home, our responsibilities. I often speak to people who are afraid to even take a step back and look at the person they’ve been shaped into.


It can feel like a betrayal to think about what you want, instead of what your family expect.

It can be scary to admit vulnerability when you work in highly competitive roles and sectors.

It can be painful to remember all the things you believed in when you were younger.


Finding a space for your inner self to think is the first step towards uncovering your own true values – not just the ones that you have had to adopt along the way. My short meditation will help you do just that.

I’ll take you through a short practice to help you discover your values, role models, as well as brand colours that might resonate with you.

You can listen through it a once, or come back to it regularly to see how your internal values have strengthened or developed over time.

Perhaps you’ll discover something unexpected.