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About Expertly Personal

Hello! I’m Annelies James – a passionate Personal Branding expert who helps companies and individuals to harness the power of being personal and – more importantly – human.

I created this site to help people just like YOU to create, develop and leverage your own powerful personal brand!

Since 2018 I have been helping organisations, entrepreneurs, individuals and professionals to scale their life, (professional and personal) and business using personal brand techniques. The techniques include self-discovery, ownership, assertiveness, emotional intelligence and persuasion as well as technical skills and creative branding curation.

By adopting personal brand techniques, people can define themselves, get noticed and build connection, leading to greater trust and more opportunity in life and business.

With a career in education, marketing and business development and a skillset in persuasion, communication and motivation, I have seen first-hand how you can unlock new opportunities in your career, network and personal life. I’ve harnessed my own values and used them to drive my own career forward.

Take a look around the website and please join me on this journey helping others through the power of creating a strong and authentic personal brand!

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